5 Daily Calls

Steve Oyler's Strategies for Real Estate Success

To keep in line with the theme of going back to school, Max is here to show you an easy way to make sure you stay in touch with your database.

french phoneWhen was the last time you called somebody just to catch up? It’s a simple, innocuous activity that agents at all levels should do, but many do not. They benefit is obvious: touching base with friends and family is the easiest way to generate referral business. What amounts to maybe 30 minutes of ‘work’ a day can turn into hours of the kind of work you want down the road – helping somebody buy or sell their home. I say ‘work’ because it’s really just shooting the breeze, the only thing it has in common with real work is you should feel obliged to do it. So why don’t agents make calls?

The main excuse is an old…

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