7 Apps To Help Decorate Your Home

Sold By Connie

7 Apps To Help Decorate Your Home - Connie Wolff Remax Select Realty17 Apps To Help You Decorate Your Home- Decorating a home can be an extensive project but these useful tools can save time and provide inspiration. Whether you’re redecorating, renovating, planning or painting, here are 7 apps to help you decorate your home.

  1. ColorSchemer –  Create your own virtual color palettes from photos and save and share them with other user’s palettes.
  1. Photo Measure Lite – Measuring and saving the dimensions of a room is simplified with this app that allows users to snap a photo and add dimensions to any room.
  1. iHandy Level – Hanging and aligning pictures is made easy through this virtual level that’s able to measure angles and verticality. Say goodbye to crooked pictures!
  1. SnapShop – Unsure how new furniture will look in a room? Visualize furniture for any room in your house through snapping a photo and dropping the furniture from the app’s catalog…

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